GoLocalise Ltd:

Emilia is very professional. She replies to emails promptly, delivers excellent quality, and follows instructions perfectly. We have used her services for two very tricky projects so far, and she has passed with flying colours. Would definitely recommend.

DemiArret ILLP:

Excellent work! Ms. Emilia Delibasheva submitted an OUTSTANDING target translation, and she did so ON-TIME, ACCURATELY, and with EXTREMELY GOOD FOLLOW-UP, throughout.

Gergana Mellin:

Great professional. Very exact and thorough; smart, intelligent and educated! I used her service for a very difficult form of literature and the translation was remarkably good! Highly recommended.

Translators Without Borders:

Emilia is a generous and professional Translator without Borders.

New Market Translations:

Emilia is a pleasure to work with and very professional. I highly recommend her.

Million Artists Project:

Emilia always provides high quality translation and proofreading; excellent work, good cooperation with other translators. Willing to Work Again! Eugene Pik,

Clark Translations:

Excellent work, we look forward to next time.

Diane Williamson:

Very professional, always delivers on time. It's a pleasure working with Emilia.

Swiss Solutions:

Delivered in time and the quality was good. We would like to work with Emilia again in the future.

Libero Language Lab:

Emilia has done several jobs for us, and has always been professional, efficient and pleasant to deal with.

Emilia Delibasheva
Emilia Delibasheva
Emilia Delibasheva
Emilia Delibasheva
Emilia Delibasheva
English to Bulgarian & Bulgarian to English volunteer translator